General questions about RSTuner


Q: What does the Pro interface allow me to do over the Standard Version?
A: With our Pro interface, you can integrate 0-5v signals from a wideband controller, directly into our data logger. You will have real time data from those sensors right next to your standard engine data such as TPS, RPM, MPH, etc.
RSTuner software suite comes with both interfaces regardless as it is part of our software package.

 Q: Will my ECU be locked if l use the included Fastchip tune?
A: No. Our included Stage 1/2 map will NOT lock your ECU ! Unless you request us to do so (to prevent dealer overwriting for instance)

 Q: Can I buy a wideband sensor and simply plug it in?
A: No. You need a wide band controller kit that supplies a 0-5v output. You will plug the output from your wide band controller into our interface.

Q: Is a Wideband Sensor & Controller included with the Pro version?
A: No. You would need to purchase this item separately.

Q: How many external devices can I have with the Pro interface?
A: We have provisions for 4 external devices that use a 0-5v output signal.

Q: Can you tell me how the LC-1 wideband gets connected to the RSTuner?
A: Connect the BROWN wire #2 (analog out 2) from the LC-1 to one of the analog inputs (AD1-IN) of the RSTuner green 6-pin connector. Optionally connect ground from the LC-1 to ground on the VCI.

Q: I am a current RSTuner standard customer but I want the new Pro interface, how do I buy it?
A: You can Trade-In your standard functional interface and order an upgraded version.

Q: I am about to purchase the RSTuner, can you tell me what the EOBD II Generic module is for, do I need it to connect to my ph1 Clio 172 ?
A: No. The EOBD II Generic module is needed for connecting to cars who are not currently supported by RSTuner.

Q: Where can I find the right engine calibration file for my car?
A: Look at the status bar of the RSTuner screen after connection,to read the vehicle identification number VIN. For example : VF1 BM0M 0629638376.
Go to the BM0M directory on the ECU calibration download page.

On the ECU calibration download page all files are named xxxx_xxxx. The first 4 digits mark the software version, which tells the ECU what to do. The 2nd 4 digits mark the calibration version, which tells the ECU how to do things.
So if you see a file named 6400_2A07.rst it means , its software version 6400 and calibration version 2A07.

Total ECU reprogramming (.rst file 'write ecu')

Look at the software version that the ECU is running, shown on the RSTuner ECU information page, let's say 8000. You can program the ECU with any .rst file that begins with 8xxx_xxxx.

Partial ECU reprogramming (.cal file 'write cal')

When programming a .cal file the software version numbers must correspond. So can be upgraded to But not to

Programming the wrong software version can inflict permanent damage to the ECU and its sub-systems.
Reprogramming the ECU is for your own risk at all times.

Q: When I try to perform an actuator test, it always says 'test not supported'
A: Most actuator tests can only be carried out with a stopped engine.

Q: When I try to read the ECU I get the following error message: "Could not obtain security access to ECU".
A: To read or write the ECU. Engine must first be stopped. Also make sure you have a valid car programming license.

Q: I have done minor mods to my engine. Panel filter and exhaust sytem. Will the generic calibration be OK?
A: In most cases yes. Look at the fuel trim value after a couple of 100 miles to see if the engine isn't running too lean.

Q: I have some fault codes coming up, are they important?
A: Even historic fault codes cause the engine to run a different software routine, possibly resulting in lower overall performance.

Q: I have installed the performance .cal onto my megane but I have now sold it. Will i have to buy a new kit for my new megane or do i just buy a calibration?
A: No need to buy a new kit, just a new car license.

Q: I have 2 two cars that need to be remapped, can I use a car license for that?
A: If you want to reprogram 2 cars, you need either, 2 kits or 1 kit & 2 car licenses.

Q: I would like to buy RSTuner and use it for upgrading the ECU. My question is if i can upgrade the ECU of all the available models as many times i want?
A: For every other car you need a car license and a VCI with activated ECU module for that car model if required. With a valid license the ECU can be programmed as many times as you want.

Q: What information do you need to produce a custom map?
A: See section 4.0 of RSTuner manual.

Q: I want to program my car but I don't see the software number anywhere that the car has.
A: In that case you probably need to upgrade to a later ECU sofware version. Example: 8000_xxxx → 8200_xxxx software.

Q: Is the wideband connector (and subsequent logs) necessary?
A: It helps me to reduce safety margin whilst making a custom calibration, as I can see the actual AFR ratio.This yields more power, how much depends on your particular mods.

Q: I cannot erase my fault codes?
A: Existing (present codes) need to be fixed first before they can be erased.

Q: Can I use your program to create my own customized maps?
A: No, an external editor is needed in order to modify the calibration data.

Q: I have a tuned map on my car. Am I able to copy that map, flash my ecu and put the map back on with the RSTuner ?
A: Yes, if the map is unprotected.

Q: Do I need to send the ECU files to get the right re-map?

A: Yes, if you cannot find corresponding numbers in the performance .cal database. Also save them locally at your end. These are your back ups.
Q: Do I need to do some data logging first?
A: No LD's required - We can see what performance .cal you need from the file names.
(and if not, can the remap be fine tuned at a later date from the information I get Data Logging?)
Yes - once we sent the performance cal, you upload this to your car. Then you can purchase a 'custom tune' if you desire. This will be written from the info you send to us contained within the LD's (Logged data)
Q: What is the cigarette lighter -USB connector for from the Premium Unit ? - do I need this plugged in to the VCI for stand alone data logging?
A: Yes - this supplies the voltage to run the VCI when there is no laptop present to supply the VCI.
Q: I take it there is no way to disconnect the fan relay in the Megane ! ? - that would really run the power down if you re-write the total ECU.
A: The fan relay is incredibly hard to reach in the Megane 2. However auxillary power - a battery charger - is really only needed when writing the whole ECU. As a calibration write only takes about 1 minute, there is very little risk of battery drain whilst writing the .cal only.
Q: Is the "control button" in the manual the little white dot on the front of the VCI marked "control", do I need to push it with a pen or something???
A:This is the 'on / off' for the record function (Premium only). Use your index finger to operate it. There is a 1 second 'anti-bounce' delay, in case nothing happens, wait at least 1 second and push again.
Q: What happens to my earlier purchased modules when I update the firmware or remove the software from my PC?
A: The optional module(s) are stored internally on the hardware interface (VCI) and are retained during a firmware upgrade.