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    Custom Built Vehicle Communications Interface

    Fastchip VCI

    Fastchip develops and manufactures its own vehicle communication boards which are used in our reprogramming equipment.

    USB to OBD interface supporting Dual K line , CAN 2.0. Hardware is supplied with our custom user interface software.

    Our VCI is currently available in three different hardware models (see below).

    Firmware 191_103 and up is Windows 10 ready.

    The right VCI for you

    Our Fastchip VCI is available in three models. To purchase visit our shop or click the button below.


    Basic model. No additional hardware features.


    The Pro model adds a port which accepts up to 4 external sensors (0-5 V) so you can attach your own (wideband) sensors.

    Data from your sensors can be viewed and logged real-time like any other parameter in RSTuner.


    The Premium model adds a 'Flight Data Recorder'. Its internal storage allows you to save up to 100 hours of data on the road with the press of a button.

    In addition to the input sensor capabilities of the Pro, the Premium model adds an output/external trigger port which can be set to every available live data parameter. This way it can be set up to be a shift light, knock warning light or an IC waterspray trigger. Or anything else that you find useful.


    A special Master VCI with TunerLock is available for resellers / dealers. To purchase visit our shop or click the button below.


    Schematic of the Mark II PCB.

    MARK I

    Schematic of the Mark I PCB.

    Technical Specifications

    Supported vehicle standards

    ISO 9141-2 / 14230 (VCI_kwp)
    ISO 15031 / 15765 (VCI_can)

    Features VCI_kwp

    6 Mhz low power cpu
    USB 2.0 1.5Mbps data rate
    10.4 Kbps data rate vehicle link
    Status led
    ISO 9141-2 / 14230

    Features VCI_can

    25 Mhz cpu
    USB 2.0 12Mbps data rate
    10.4 Kbps vehicle link
    500Kbps / 1 Mbps CAN bus vehicle link
    Status leds, USB, KWP, CAN
    ISO 9141-2 / 14230
    ISO 15031 / 15765
    Four analog 5V inputs (ex.wideband sensors)
    One 100 mA output