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RSTuner AIO Suite

All-In-One Suite for creating your own engine calibration & configuration
AIO Suite Overview
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TRANSFORM your car. CONTROL the power.


RSTuner AIO (All-In-One) Suite for creating your own engine calibration & configuration


Above: a quick video overview of AIO Suite.


Some of the key features of the RSTuner AIO Suite:


Included in this product:


AIO Suite Standard vs Prime:




With these features you have all the tools needed to create your own calibration perfectly tailored to your car!



Ordering help

Version: the type of AIO Suite you wish to purchase (see comparison chart above)
Vehicle: The vehicle model the AIO Suite will be used on. The four characters you see listed (e.g. CB**) are the first four characters after "VF1" in the VIN. Example: VF1CB220605829478. Your VIN is your chassis number starting with 'VF1". Look onto your car registration or door sticker.
Please add your MUC code from the RSTuner Module Control Panel to the comment field of the order form. We can not process your order without your MUC code.

MUC not required when adding modules to an RSTuner Kit order.




  FASTCHIP VCI (included in our RSTuner Kit) with firmware 193_102 or higher. Before ordering make sure to update your device firmware first!
AIO Suite requires a valid vehicle licence!
Heart of a Tuner!




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